“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.”
— Alfred Austin


We have a full range of ornamental perennials and annuals to fuel your inspiration.  We are always looking for the unusual and spectacular to fill our nursery, and we love it when we hear...."I've never seen this before."

Shade garden? We got you. Full sun? Yep.  Rockery, rain garden, veggies? Oh yes!

Here to Help

All together the staff at UFG can boast more than 5 decades of garden experience.  (Probably more, but we don't want to date anyone.)  One way or another, each of us works at UFG because we love to grow things.  We work as a team to bring you the best advice we can.  Our experience ranges from horticulture to permaculture, and no question is too small.  Because, really, all we want is for you to be growing things too.


Garden Supply

Tools, compost, amendments, nematodes?  We got that!  

We carry a range of organic supplements for plants, as well as pest control, hand tools, hoses, seeds, worms...the list goes on.  Our inventory is always growing, so just let us know what you need, and we'll do what we can to bring it in.

“The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and people still can plan and plant, think and do, we can, if we bother to try, find ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world.”
— Michael Pollan