Dare we hope? Dare we dream?

That this bright shinning end to our snowy February harkens the beginning of spring?

We’ve become obsessed with watching the weather apps on our phones and like all good gamblers we lean toward optimism with a side of practical. So our seed racks are stocked, we have lots of compost and are gently adding more nursery stock, with two new plant orders in this week and more to come.

From this point on we keep building momentum, so keep and eye on us, it’s just starting to get interesting!


Bare Root Trees are Here

This year we are carrying: Vandelay Cherry, the popular “Fruit Cocktail” tree, a mixed dwarf cherry, dwarf Rescue Pear, Nijisseiki Pear, dwarf Satsuma plum and espalier apple. Subscribe to our Journal to get the tips for bare root planting.


A Whole Lot of shuffling going on

January and February bring a lot of change to the UFG lot. All the plants on one side, then all the plants on the other side. Shuffle here, shuffle there. This can be disconcerting from the outside, but really all we are doing is creating space on our little urban lot for all the awesome stuff that’s on the way.

We just got a big soil delivery, so we can be ready when you want to start prepping those beds. Starting the week of January 21st you can start looking for winter blooming shrubs and winter color. This is the beginning of a beautiful new season! Woohoo, here we go!

Daphne Odora

Daphne Odora


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Chickens are awesome.

Fun Chicken fact:

Food grade Diatomaceous earth added to your chicken's feed will keep away pests, and keep your hens healthy. 


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Love your pets?  We do too! We carry high quality foods that will treat your pets right.  If we wouldn't feed it to ours, we won't feed it to yours.

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