Happy New Year all!

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

We had a great year at Urban Feed & Garden.

We expanded our nursery and were able to include a lovely selection of trees and shrubs.

We helped raise over $3000 for Vet Techs Without Borders during a smashing Dogtoberfest.

We sold out of all our Christmas Trees in a breakneck 2 weeks!

We are swinging into 2019 full of confidence and excitement to bring you even more wonderful experiences here at our little nursery and pet shop.

And we are full of gratitude, for the amazing support of all the customers who make this venture possible. So thank you, sincerely, from the depths of our plant geeky souls, it takes a village, and you are ours!

Holiday Decorations 50% off

chicken supplies

Chickens are awesome.

Fun Chicken fact:

Food grade Diatomaceous earth added to your chicken's feed will keep away pests, and keep your hens healthy. 


Pet supplies

Love your pets?  We do too! We carry high quality foods that will treat your pets right.  If we wouldn't feed it to ours, we won't feed it to yours.

Garden center

Beautiful ornamentals, organic veggies, shovels and soils.  We do our best to carry it all, so you can have it all.

    Gifts,Garden,Grubs     and good advice

Whether you are redesigning your garden, want to know what killed your tomatoes, have an itchy pet, or need a gift for a picky friend, we love to talk shop!  We always do our best to answer your questions and lead you down the right path on your quest.

So stop on by and see all we have to offer, it might surprise you.