Plants & Pumpkins going on Sale!

30% off our whole out door nursery stock Saturday & Sunday Oct. 27-28

Quick before the cold arrives, grab this fall planing opportunity to get the plants you love for 30% off. We are putting the whole nursery on sale. Come and get it!

Fall Planting

And just like that the weather turns, and you can feel and smell the cool in the air. 

At Urban Feed and Garden we celebrate the turn of the seasons by getting back in the garden! Cooler temperatures and gentle rains make fall an excellent time to plant.  Fall established plants are stronger and more drought resistant the next summer. Seize the season...and the discount! 


20160624_161407 (2).jpg




Compost and Fertilizer. 

It takes a team

We get asked a lot about how to make garden beds happy and productive.  So here's a quick primer on compost and fertilizers.  Both are import and they serve different purposes.  Compost feeds the soil.  It helps to create the conditions in which plants thrive. It provides balanced moisture, good aeration, and a healthy microbial environment that allows plants access to nutrients.  Fertilizers provide the specific nutrients that plants need.  Whether you have acid loving blueberries, or deep feeding tomatoes having the right fertilizer is necessary for success.  

Compost feeds the soil.  Fertilizers feed the plants.  Plants need both a healthy environment and healthy food.  Just like us!



Go big or go home

We're ready for big. What about you?

We're getting bigger!  Oh yeah! 

We had so many plants last year we ran out of room!  Imagine.  We decided to push the fence line out so we can bring in more goodies.  We'll be expanding our tree and shrub selection as well as our perennials.  We are very excited.  You will still be able to load up your car in the alley (the safest way to go) just no more parking back there, but ohhhhh, all the plants will be so good.  We think, you will think, it's worth it! The fencing should be finished March 23, keep an eye on us!

chicken supplies

Chickens are awesome.

Fun Chicken fact:

Food grade Diatomaceous earth added to your chicken's feed will keep away pests, and keep your hens healthy. 


Pet supplies

Love your pets?  We do too! We carry high quality foods that will treat your pets right.  If we wouldn't feed it to ours, we won't feed it to yours.

Garden center

Beautiful ornamentals, organic veggies, shovels and soils.  We do our best to carry it all, so you can have it all.

    Gifts,Garden,Grubs     and good advice

Whether you are redesigning your garden, want to know what killed your tomatoes, have an itchy pet, or need a gift for a picky friend, we love to talk shop!  We always do our best to answer your questions and lead you down the right path on your quest.

So stop on by and see all we have to offer, it might surprise you.


Photographic credit goes to our own amazing and talented Charlotte Ng